Weekly Highlights – 26/9/04

Where does the week go? It’s like I go to bed Monday night and wake up on Friday




Not that I’m complaining, a fast week is a short week. To celebrate the weekend here are a few of the highlights of my week.


1. Painting my kitchen trolley (Apologies for the dodgy image).

Kitchen TrolleyI love love love love our new kitchen trolley. One of the challenges of having a small apartment is that we have almost no bench space. I found this kitchen trolley on Gumtree for $35. Originally it was white but we decided to paint it, just to add a bit more colour to our apartment. After some browsing online I came across this tutorial for spray painting furniture and fell in love with the glossy finish. Melbourne has to be one of the windiest places on earth, there’s a constant breeze almost everyday, so I had to wait a week before it was still enough outside for me to spray paint the trolley. It took two days but I did it, and I love the results!


2. Smashing my bootcamp session.

I’ve been running bootcamps in Princes Park once a week for a couple of months now. At the beginning I ran a logistically challenging session which didn’t go quite so well. I got a little flustered and didn’t explain the movements very well. Fast forward to this week and I ran the same session and absolutely nailed it (even if I do say so myself ;) ). My confidence has improved so much and I now look forward to every session (rather than dreading the inevitable mistakes I would make).


3. Celebrating our 4 Year anniversary


We celebrated 4 years together on Friday with a delicious dinner followed by a San Churro dessert (that place is amazing, I definitely recommend their brownie sundae). It’s been an incredible 4 years and I’m so lucky to have someone like him in my life :)


I was going to add more but I have to run to dinner with friends. I hope you enjoy your weekend, what were some highlights in your week?


xx Ellen

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