TEMPO Treadmill Workout – Tuesday Training


Now that my calf isn’t sore I’ve been really focussed on getting back into running and building up my speed, so for today I thought I’d share my TEMPO treadmill workout. Last week the focus was on short intervals mixed in with hill strength, this workout is about building up endurance. Next week I’ll share a strength workout, the universe doesn’t like it when you neglect your strength training too much, it was a way of throwing it at you :pTreadmill Fail

The focus of this workout is building up endurance for your race pace. What’s a race pace you ask? It’s the pace you want to race at to meet your time goal. For instance if I wanted to complete a 10km race in 50 mins, my race pace would be 5 min/km (or 12km/hr depending on how you want to look at it). To train to build up to that pace I would do long runs at a slower pace (5:30 min/km), short intervals at a faster pace (4:30 min/km) and TEMPO runs close to race pace (5:05 – 5:10 min/km).

Running a fast race doesn’t mean training at the fast pace all the time. You’re guaranteed to burn out if you’re running all your runs at race pace. By breaking your workouts into these three categories you’re training for speed, endurance and strength whilst giving your body the rest it needs.

This workout today is a version of a TEMPO run, designed to get you used to running at race pace and to build up your endurance. I completed this last week and already felt the difference on my long run yesterday, my legs felt stronger and I could push my pace just a little bit. You could just as easily complete this workout outside as well, just make sure to keep an eye on your pace


Tempo Treadmill workout


Don’t forget to stretch after, making sure to loosen up your hips and glutes, especially if you spend most of your time sitting.


Happy sweating!

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