Playground Workout

I came across this playground workout the other day and it reminded me of a circuit I used to do back in Canberra. Near where I was living in Canberra there was a great path with a series of playgrounds spaced out along it, about 1km apart. My dad was the one who discovered it made for a great circuit, performing a series of exercises at each playground before running onto the next one.


The exercises I performed varied on how I was feeling that day, but I was always guaranteed a good workout. Looking at the other playground workout I realised I really wasn’t using that playground to it’s full potential, I was mainly just using the park bench. While you may not have access to a full playground, there’s guaranteed to be at least one park bench near your house, so I thought I’d share my park bench circuit. It’s a great workout with no equipment requirements, you just need an empty park bench. If you find someone is using your park bench, try this to get them to move (source)

That has to be one of my favourite internet jokes, I’m yet to try it though :p

Back to the workout,

Park circuit

At the end of each circuit go for a run. It can either be to the next playground, or you can just do a loop (try and make it at least 400m) around the park bench. Repeat for 3-5 times.


  • If the split squats are too much for, performing walking lunges or even pulsing lunges instead.
  • The pushups can be performed using the bench (easiest), on your knees (harder) or on your toes (hardest)
  • Remember with the dips to keep your bum as close as possible to the bench.
  • Instead of running between playgrounds, increase the intensity by doing some sprints.
  • Instead of star jumps, any body weight cardio activity can be performed (think burpees, mountain climbers, skaters, high knees etc)

Remember to always listen to your body, if something seems too intense try something else :)


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


xx Ellen


Park bench – Step ups, romanian split squats, pushups, dips

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