Weekly Highlights 28/11/14 (I’m baaackk)

Wow it’s been a while since my last post. Unfortunately a massive technical error on my part meant I lost my entire site layout as well as most of my photos, so I’ve spent the last 6 weeks trying to build it all back up. Lesson learned, I must always ALWAYS back up my site before updating, apparently their “recommendation to back up” is more of a necessity, go figure. 

Tech issues aside, I thought I’d share some of the highlights of my week (past few weeks actually)


  1. Going back home to Canberra. Thanks to a CSIRO event, I got a free trip up to Canberra. I decided to extend my visit so I could have a whole week up there to catch up on the uni side of things as well as see some friends (and my family of course). It was an incredibly busy week, but I managed to squeeze in time for some cookies (the Christmas colours weren’t intentional, I was aiming for orange and light green, but was a bit too heavy handed with the food colouring (I used this recipe, substituting a third of the white sugar for brown sugar). Christmas Cookies
  2. Work Christmas party. Continuing on the theme of Christmas in November, I had my PT Christmas party on Nov 22. With a room full of fitness enthusiasts you can be sure some epic dance battles were had. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much energy on a dance floor. 
  3. The lovely Spring weather. Last weekend I got the chance to lounge around in the sun reading a book. It was absolutely divine.
  4. Reading. I’ve somehow managed to read two books in the last two weeks, and I’ve now started my third. I’d forgotten how absorbed I can get in a good book


Just a short list this week, I should have some recipes and exercises up in the coming weeks so stay tuned :)